Help4Carers app

Supporting everyone who provides care

Help4Carers is an app developed to support carers, patients and their families with information, education and training, enabling a better co-ordination of care.

Every day, 6,000 people take on a caring responsibility.

More people are living longer and are doing so with long-term health conditions that require paid or unpaid care. Across the UK, more and more people will find themselves giving care to someone at some point in their lives.

App features

  • Symptoms assessment tool

  • Directory of local services

  • Advice articles and guidance

  • Learning and development resources

  • Available on Android and iOS devices

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Co-designed with health and care organisations

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Simple and easy to use interface

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Easy access to a wide range of health and care information

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Helps reduce pressure on primary care services

Designed with care

Help4Carers was co-designed with local authorities, NHS and care organisations to help recognise important symptoms early, guided by a digital tool.

Single point of information

Carers identified a lack of awareness of what support is available. The resulting effect is an additional strain on support services like 999 and 111, and unnecessarily stressful situations for carers themselves.

Help4Carers has been designed to contain all the information and advice that carers need in a smartphone app that can be accessed whenever needed and wherever they are.

Offering the tools to escalate issues

Help4Carers supports carers by enabling referral and triage to the right service, locally.

The app hosts a directory of services which are categorised by location and condition. This means a carer is clearly signposted to the relevant support service available in their local CCG area.

Simple, actionable patient assessments

A question and answer based tool to help assess a person’s symptoms. Where necessary, it may be the case that escalating care issues to a relevant support service is the best course of action.

Immediate access to critical information

The app holds both advice and guides for care givers. Advice comes in the form of digestible articles and guides provide more actionable, of-the-moment support for certain situations. Information is instantly searchable by keyword within the app.

Upskilling carers

The app contains resources to aid confidence and support, and upskill carers on-the-go.

The NHS Long Term Plan

NHS England’s Long Term Plan commits to redesigning care services and increasing the digital options available to people in need of NHS advice or care.

  • “Patients, clinicians and the carers working with them will have technology designed to help them”
  • “If people need NHS advice or care, they will have increasing digital options”
  • “Digital enabled primary care: create straightforward digital access to NHS services, and help patients and their carers manage their health”
  • “People will be helped to stay well, recognise important symptoms early and manage their own health, guided by digital tools”

“41% of admissions were potentially avoidable because they were for conditions that could have been prevented or treated in the community or were the result of poor care or neglect”

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