Health Connect

Delivering virtual access to care

NHS England launched the NHS Long Term Plan, which commits to redesigning services, reducing face to face consultations and provides new ways of accessing services, such as video consultations.

Health Connect provides secure video consultation between healthcare professionals and patients who need to connect, without being in the same place.


  • Accessed from PC, tablet or smartphone

  • Secure virtual consultation room

  • Simple sign-in process

  • No additional apps or plugins required

  • Customisable branding

Appointment Creation icon

Appointment created

Invitation sent icon

Invitation sent to user

Virtual Waiting Room icon

User enters virtual waiting room

Online consultation icon

Professional starts video consultation

Digital access

Health Connect extends the reach of services, enabling patients to seek professional support from the comfort of their own surroundings and improve access to care. A patient can simply connect via their smartphone or device.

Creating efficiencies

Health Connect reduces barriers, complexities, time and cost for patients, their carers and healthcare providers. This makes it easy for patients to access a wide range of health services remotely.


Health Connect is used in NHS and public sector organisations, such as mental health, outpatients, smoking cessation, dermatology, GP consultations, care home and pharmacy settings. It can also be used for other industries and use cases where virtual consultations are a key part of the patient or delivery experience.


  • Clinically assured
  • No confidential information stored
  • Professional anonymity maintained
  • GDPR Compliant

Health Connect encompasses the NHS Long Term Plan

  • “Patients, clinicians and the carers working with them will have technology designed to help them”
  • “If people need NHS advice or care, they will have increasing digital options”
  • “Digital enabled primary care: create straightforward digital access to NHS services, and help patients and their carers manage their health”
  • “People will be helped to stay well, recognise important symptoms early and manage their own health, guided by digital tools”

“It’s a massive help for residents who just can’t access one of our face to face sessions … People will get exactly the same high quality and effective service but in a digital way”

Scott Elliot, Head of Public Health at Medway Council