Project Description

COVID-19 messaging for older children and young people

We’re working with a local council to engage children and young people about actions they can take to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. The challenge is to find new ways of framing the guidance as social media is saturated with messaging about COVID-19 that doesn’t feel relevant to younger users. With this campaign, we aim to inspire young people to recognise the vital role they can play.


As the first phase of the campaign was launching in time for Halloween, we took inspiration from classic horror movie posters. Using a design references and a messaging tone contrasting with the local council’s expected all-ages campaign approach, these images provided new opportunities for a younger audience to stop and reflect on their actions during this pandemic.

We also designed a survey to support targeted messaging for older children and young people aged 13 – 25, for this campaign’s subsequent phases. Two virtual design workshops, organised in partnership with a local secondary school, successfully captured views.  Using feedback on the campaign tone and creative mood boards from young people aged 15 and 16 and analytics from Halloween posts, the first in a series of local social media campaigns, helped shape our sixteen survey questions.


The local council, schools, colleges, voluntary, community, and social enterprise organisations helped us promote and distribute the survey widely and survey results shaped ongoing campaign materials and channel selection.

Want the nightmare of 2020 to end? Help #CutCovid this #Halloween. 🧟🎃 It could be as simple as choosing to stay in and watch a scary movie. 😱📽️

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